The Waterloo Remanufactured Transmissions Process

Waterloo Transmissions remanufactured transmissions are rebuilt to specifications utilizing the latest in rebuilding technology. During the transmission remanufacturing process, we incorporate factory updates as well as a variety of industry modifications to enhance durability and performance.

Our remanufactured transmissions are thoroughly tested from solenoids to shift points using factory-comparable computerized test equipment.

  • Take the Tour of the Care That Goes Into Rebuilding Your Transmission
  • Take the Tour of the Care That Goes Into Rebuilding Your Transmission
  • Take the Tour of the Care That Goes Into Rebuilding Your Transmission
  • Take the Tour of the Care That Goes Into Rebuilding Your Transmission


Complete Disassembly
Each transmission is completely disassembled. Clutches, bands, seals, gaskets, rings and other parts that do not meet the standard are discarded.


Thorough Cleaning
Internal parts and casings of the transmission are completely cleaned with our high-pressure cleaning system, with valve bodies and other sensitive parts cleaned separately. Solenoids are demagnetized and pressure-flushed.


Parts Inspection
Each transmission part is carefully inspected to ensure our standard is maintained. All parts that do not meet the test are discarded.


Valve Body Testing
Valve bodies are reassembled and hydraulically tested to ensure proper function and specification.


Solenoid Testing
Solenoids are individually tested to insure that resistance (ohms) current (AMPS) sealing ability, flow, volume and operational timing meet requirements.


Sub-components are assembled and checked for function before final assembly.


Torque Specifications
Bolts are torqued to factory specifications. Air tools are not allowed in this part of the process to guarantee accurate tolerances.


Hydraulic Testing
Individual internal components are oil activated with the A.M.I. hydraulic oil circuit analyzer before valve bodies are mounted.


Computerized Dyno Testing
Each remanufactured transmission undergoes a complete pre-programmed dyno test utilizing T-DAC (Transmission Data Acquisition and Control System). With a push of a button the system automatically tests various sensors, solenoids, pressures and shift points. Data readings are constantly compared to the test sequence parameter file. The system will print a report analyzing the remanufactured transmission and detailing any area of failure. This removes the operator’s subjective judgment from the equation and ensures the highest quality product.


All remanufactured transmissions come complete with warranties honored nationwide.

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